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Zip Grip Go Cleated Tire traction for getting unstuck

The Zip Grip Go is our best selling tire traction aid & snow chain alternative.

Designed for drivers of cars, SUV’s & vans so they dont ever have to get stuck in snow, ice, mud or sand again!

The Weeder’s Digest is delighted to offer you this new innovative tire traction product that solves an ageless problem. A simple solution to snow traction issues, that will have you back on the road in only minutes from being stuck or spinning on ice.

The Weeder’s Digest has been solving some of life’s perils both summer and winter with innovative product solutions. The Zip Grip Go is no exception.

Every driver should have a pack of these tire traction cleats in their trunk and make sure that your children are prepared with a set as well. There are 10 traction straps each with a locking mechanisms in every package sold; you’ll want to use at least 5 pieces on each affected tire.

The Zip Grip Go works to add traction with the tug of a zip tie to any tire that needs a hand. It works in snow, on ice, or even in muddy areas.

It does this by adding a bit of cleated traction to tires. It will work on tires up to 22 inches in size, so cars and light trucks. The Zip Grip Go was designed for slow driving until you are out of the peril and not designed for long term use.

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They can be installed even after you are tight or stuck. This is different from tire chains that only work when you can put them on in advance. With the Zip Grip Go, you can go first and if fate turns that you need them. They can be installed in under five minutes.

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