Zip Grip Go (pack of 10)


Zip Grip Go (pack of 10 traction straps)

  • ZipGripGo is an emergency traction aid designed for all motorists.
  • This innovative and patented product allows drivers to quickly get their vehicles “unstuck” from ice, mud, and snow.
  • Easy to install, ZipGripGo fits most passenger vehicle tires and installs in minutes.
  • For alloy and aluminum rims. Not for steel rims.
  • Traditional tire chains are difficult to install, expensive to purchase and are cumbersome to carry in the back of your car.
  • ZipGripGo is an excellent alternative and can be kept in your trunk as an emergency aid.
  • ZipGripGo is an excellent emergency traction aid alternative.

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Order Zip Grip Go 2Order the Zip Grip Go Emergency Tire Traction System the ideal alternative to bulky chains. Engineered to fit on rims up to 22″ in size (i.e. cars, vans, SUV’s, and most pickup trucks) and specifically designed to help you in an emergency situation whenever and where ever inclement weather is found.

If you or a loved one ever get stuck in a snowbank, a ditch, or simply a road that has yet to be plowed. The perfect product to provide you with instant traction, instead of those nagging spinning wheels! With our advanced product, you can have the peace of mind that you’ll never have to abandon your vehicle again. Simply pull out your package of Zip Grips and place five of the traction ties onto each of your drive wheels – followed by our reinforced locking devices. You’ll be back on the road in no time at all.

Why Zip Grip Go is the Best Tire Traction Chain Alternative

The Zip Grip Go product is not a typical zip tie that you would find in your hardware store. Constructed from heavy-duty plastic, complete with eleven two-tiered traction cleats. You can be assured that our product will not crack or snap off prematurely. If you use our product as instructed, you will be able to get your vehicle unstuck and back on the road in rapid fashion. Once you are back on the road, you will need to cut them off and dispose of them in a proper manner. They are not designed for long distance travel. They are the most efficient and effective product on the market to get you out of kind of bind that old man winter might bring you and your vehicles way!

-Each package contains 10 traction straps

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