Why would you need Truck Claws?

Every commercial driver knows the perils of the open road. You can feel all alone out there even though most have a team of people working behind the scenes to ensure their work is done efficiently.

Being paid by the mile is a stressful way of life and you can never be to prepared for the unknown. Well, the Truck Claw is another tool for your arsenal of preparedness tools. You will love having it when the need arises.

Save Towing

The Truck Claws are inexpensive and reusable, so it’s a one time expense that you could potentially use to avoid the thousands of dollars in costs of a tow vehicle.

Save Time

Not only saving tow money, but the downtime. If you have a solution for traction problems under your bunk. It will allow you to get going and keep going without too much of a delay saving you additional money from lose of work time. There won’t be a need to make up those lost miles. You’ll be able to keep your ontime every time record.

The Truck Claw is easy to attach using a simple strap. A single person will be able to in just a short amount of time. You won’t need to attach your tire chains to use the Truck Claw or it can be used in addition to your standard tire chains.

Save Space

The Truck Claw takes up very little space, so you really won’t be giving up living area within your confined truck bunk. You can fit “The Truck Claws” in the cubby that keep your spare oil and fluids in, where you keep your gloves for fueling.

So you can save money, time and space today with your purchase of the Truck Claw. Consider it an investment and write it off your taxes as well.